I have been cooking professionally for over 25 years and have acquired a lot of knowledge on cooking styles, techniques, and methods. I have worked with some of the most innovative chefs in San Diego and would now like to pass on my knowledge of cooking and supply a ton of great recipes to you.

All of the recipes you see here were made by me in my home kitchen using commonly found ingredients and cookware. I have tried to make the recipes easy to understand with step by step instructions and pictures to illustrate the methods as you go along.

I hope you will enjoy reading and trying these recipes and by all means, leave me your comments and suggestions. I love hearing from you.



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  1. I’ve tried two recipes so far, the Chili Colorado and the Chili Verde, and both were big hits with the family and my co-workers! Do you have any Indian food recipes?

    • Hi Suzie,

      That’s great! Thanks for trying the recipes and glad everyone liked them 🙂

      I’m sorry I don’t have any Indian recipes. It’s hard to find good Indian restaurants out here in California, they’re few and far between so I haven’t been exposed to that type of cuisine very often. As I expand my recipe collection I’ll try to add some.

      Thanks for commenting and Happy Cooking!

  2. David, thanks for the reply on the meatball sandwiches, they were great. But I was wondering, as I told you when I subscribed to your site that I cook a lot of things sous vide and I have tried a couple of your recipes that way that turned out great.

    I wanted to see if you would like me to post on those recipes when I try them. I think a lot of people are cooking things this way but good recipes are hard to find.
    I don’t use an immersion circulator, the machine I use is about the size of a bread maker, don’t know if it’s OK to use a brand name so I won’t. But you can do some amazing things to some proteins. Your fried chicken was great cooked this way.


    • Hi Tim,

      To answer your question about posting how you convert a recipe and make it sous vide style… Absolutely!

      I like to encourage people to post what they do with the recipes. A lot of people comment on how they change recipes to suit there personal taste. I think it’s awesome. It adds valuable information for everyone.

      Feel free to post how to use the sous vide method, I think it would be very informative and beneficial to all 🙂 I (and others) will appreciate your knowledge of this style of cooking so post as much as you want and as often as you want. I think everyone here will enjoy and learn from what you have to say (and teach).

      I would also like to thank you for offering to share your knowledge, you’re awesome!! And you’re right about the way proteins (like fried chicken) turn out… Fabulous!

      As far as using the brand name of your device, I don’t mind. If anything you might help the company to sell more. Or you could just stay neutral, your choice.

      I’m looking forward to your comments and will appreciate them very much.

      Take care for now and Happy Cooking!


  3. Your chili verde is the best. I’ve been making chili verde for years and decided to try a new recipe even though my grown sons complained when I told them I’d changed recipes. However, this recipe of yours is now “the best chili verde ever.”
    All 3 of my sons took your recipe and made it for their office potluck dinners. Each said it was the first dish gone. We basically stayed with the original recipe except we grow our own chilies so we used a variety of our favorites. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Theresa,

      Thank you for your high praise, that’s awesome! It’s great to hear your 3 sons took it to work and it was a hit. I hope some of their coworkers will try it at home too.

      I also like the fact you tried something new and used your homegrown chili’s. Using fresh ingredients always makes things better 🙂 Way to go!

      Hope to see you back trying more recipes, I have plenty to share with you!

      Take care and Happy Cooking!

  4. I’ve tried many of your mexican recipes and your a “Hi Five”!!! My Mothers (Jewish) french and my dads mexican! so growing up here in Montecito/Santa Barbara and spending my summers in France,I just love all foods, but ethnic foods are so beautiful to enjoy!! My Grandma’s next door neighbor was Julia Child here in Montecito and she would of loved your recipes! their ‘Gold” as far as the ones I’ve made. Marion Batali is a close friend because he was the executive chef here at the Four-Biltmore 20 years ago and he told me about your website. I urge some folks out their to support it by purchasing items that you offer so it can help you! as my wife does periodically. Sincerely EddieMo/ Santa Barbara

    • Hi EddieMo,

      Thank you so much for your comment and for trying my recipes!

      It’s so nice to hear what you have to say. It sounds like you know some popular celebrities in the culinary world and it’s nice to know they like what they see here too.

      Please thank Mario Batali for letting you know about my site and that I really appreciate the “shout out”!

      Also thank your wife for purchasing some of the items offered here, that helps me to buy more stuff to continue putting out more recipes 🙂

      I hope to hear more from you down the road but for now I’d just like to say thanks again and Happy Cooking!

      Take care,

  5. Hi there! I made your shredded chicken and chile verde for my Cinco de Mayo party and they were both HUGE hits! I’m making the chicken again tonight, it’s so easy to multiply the recipes. I am so glad I found your blog! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer,

      That’s awesome! I’m so glad everyone likes them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope to see you back for more!

      Happy Cooking!

  6. Finally have my own computer (laptop) cant wait to get your recipe book always have loved your cooking David. Samantha in Dothan, Alabama

    • Hi Samantha,

      That’s great news! I’ll look into getting you a copy of my eBook, until then you have lots of recipes to try right here. Pick one out and if you have any questions just let me know 🙂

      Happy Cooking!

  7. David,

    I love, love your recipes! I have already made six of them and the family was impressed! I really enjoy cooking and am always looking for something new to try. So I just wanted to express my appreciation for your delicious recipes. Looking forward to trying a few more!

    A new year of kitchen explorations!

    • Hi Juana,

      Wow! 6 and counting! Thank you so much for exploring the recipes and trying so many. I’m so happy you and your family like them all. If there is anything you’d like to see here I’m always open to suggestions 🙂

      Like you, I love to cook as well (but you can probably figure that out) so there will definitely be more stuff on the way.

      Thanks so much for being a fan and letting me know how much you like the recipes, I really appreciate it!

      Take care and all the best in this years kitchen explorations!

  8. I just bookmarked your blog. I’m so excited to try your recipes. I grew up on the border of Mexico and was thrilled to find a recipe for chile verde that is so simple. Can’t wait to try it! I would love if you could include a recipe for Empanaditas de Manzana. (I just picked a load of apples from an orchard! 🙂
    -Daphne (PA)

    • Hi Daphne,

      Welcome! It’s nice to hear from you and thanks for bookmarking me! I hope you’ll find the chile verde recipe as tasty as I do and I think you will find other recipes just as good. I get a lot of comments from people all over who like what they get here and I hope you’ll be another one.
      I will try and get a good Empanaditas de Manzana recipe up pretty soon, I love “apple turnovers”, I wish I had some of those freshly picked apples 🙂
      Let me know what you think about the chile verde and have a great day!

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