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    thanks for the easy recipe. I used this as a guide, adding a touch of fennel to the beef mixture. After stir frying the beef and seasoning stove top, I then slow cooked the chopped beef at 200F in the oven for a couple of hours. It’s refreshing to see these recipes and looking forward to more yummy meals from your generous catalog of recipes. Oh, as for the final touch to the enchiladas, before adding the guac and such, I broil the cheeses for a crispy outcome. Just a personal choice. Thanks very much for sharing. Have a great day in the kitchen!! Jo M (native of MexiCal)

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      HI Jo,

      Great additions to the recipe! I’m always glad to hear when people tell me about the changes they make to a recipe, it gives me more ideas 🙂
      I’m also happy to hear you like the selection of recipes, I try to add more when I can.
      Your final touch is also a nifty idea, it adds an extra dimension of texture, great job! I hope you also will have a great day in the kitchen!
      Take care and Happy Cooking 🙂

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    Hi guys I stumbled across this site just the other day and nearly swallowed my fist it all looks so good!!! I to lived in San Diego county and am a life long Fresno Resident and I can say that theses recipies are authentic and the real deal.. I have searched the world over for them… Thanks so much for sharing… I have a question on this recipie for the sauce… How much Garlic I do not see it listed in the list of ingrediants… I used 2 cloves Im sure that it will be good either way… Thanks in Advance when you reply… Billy

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      Hi Bill,

      Sorry I forgot to add garlic to the ingredient list (oops) I did go back and put it in. I’m glad to hear you like these Mexican recipes. Growing up in San Diego I had a lot of Mexican friends who enlightened me on the tricks, techniques and ingredients to use. Without their help I could not make such tasty recipes! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

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    Hi David!
    We have spoken before as I have used your receipes several times and they are ALL GREAT! Today I made the Carne Asada Enchiladas and the Abondigas (sp?) soup, which is my wifes favorite and sure enough, she loved it.

    We spoke previously about the Carne Asada Burrito with the pico and quacamole, and since then I have done several “mutations” to the salsa and my family and friends love it (not to say it wasn’t good before, but as you have said, a recipe is a guide).

    I tell people about your site, your instructions are very detailed which makes it easy for a guy like me who can burn Kraft mac n’ cheese!!

    Thanks David and keep posting!

    PS- Country Fried Steak and mashed potatoes are next!

    One question…do you have a recipe to make authentic mexican rice?

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      Hey Mike,

      Glad to see you back and thanks for the comment! Sounds like you you’ve been busy… 2 recipes in one day… I hope you had some help. Oh, and by the way those are two of my favorites too:-) Please tell your wife I said hi and glad she enjoyed the soup.

      Also… for all of Mikes friends out there… I’d like to say hi and welcome. Thanks Mike, for “spreadin” the word! I hope you all enjoy yourselves while your here.

      And like Mike and I agree on… recipes are just a guideline, everyone has different tastes and it is best to use the recipe as a base. Take the main ingredients, cooking methods and techniques and a little imagination and create your own masterpiece!

      Hey Mike.. I hope you like the country fried steak ( the main thing is to get a good cut of meat to work with ).

      As for a Mexican style rice checkout this Chimichanga Recipe There’s a recipe for a good Mexican rice as well as for refried beans.

      Take care for now and HAPPY COOKING!


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      Hi Lisa,

      Your doing the right thing by cooking the round steak that long to make it tender. If you were to cook that cut of meat quickly over high heat it’ll be tricky to keep it tender. Tough cuts of meat are finicky, it can be done but there is a fine line here. I’ve found that if it’s even just slightly overcooked it will get tough on you. The only solution in this case is to cook it for a long time to break down the fibers in the meat.
      Think of a good steak like tri tip or ribeye. Because of the marbling in the meat it’s almost impossible to make it tough. I’d recommend a good cut of steak like one of the two mentioned for this recipe.. I think you’ll have better results.
      I’ve even used t-bones for this but they’re kinda pricey. Basically… the better the cut of steak the more tender the final product will be. Hope this helps and HAPPY COOKING!


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    hello i love your cooking! but i come from australia and we do not have the same ingredients.. do you dry your chillis yourself for this recipe? and do you think it would be a problem if i used fresh instead of dry ? i cant wait to make this it looks so yum!!!!

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      Hi Carly,
      Thank you for your comment, I’m glad to see you’re liking what you see.

      I’m lucky to live in California where there is an abundance of chili peppers so I don’t have to dry them myself. My local store carries a variety of dried chilis that I can choose from.

      To use fresh chilis unfortunately would not be the same. Both types of the chilis I used in the recipe ( jalapeno and poblano) are green when fresh and have a different flavor when dried. They also turn color to a dark brown or black, for the poblanos and red, for the jalapenos giving the sauce its color.

      If you can find those two kinds of chilis fresh in your store you can dry them by leaving them in the sun for a few months or by placing them in a food dehydrator for 1 to 2 weeks.

      Of course the easy way is to buy a can of red enchilada sauce.

      I’m not sure what you can find in Australia and I’ve looked around on google to see if I could find a company that would send them to you but didn’t have any luck.

      If you could let me know what your local store has in the way of chili peppers ( dried and/or fresh ) I might be able to come up with something that would be similar. I’m always happy to help.

      Talk to you soon,


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