Pizza From Scratch Recipe — 4 Comments

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      Hi Jaime,

      Sorry for the long response time. Yes bread flour actually has a slightly higher gluten count than regular all purpose (AP) flour.

      Since bread flour does have a slightly higher gluten content than AP you can use it to make different types of crusts.

      Using a normal amount of yeast in an “AP” recipe but substituting bread flour will give you a more chewy dough, great for Chicago style pizza. Using less yeast will give you a crispier crust. Although you may hear differing opinions on this.

      Bottom line is they both work well depending on the style of crust you like 🙂
      Hope that helps and happy cooking!

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    Looks great, have to try that one out. Do you have any recipe for Scicilian style pizza?

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      Hi Ali,

      Thank you, I’d be interested to know what you think 🙂
      I don’t currently have a Sicilian style pizza recipe but I’ll look into it for you.

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