Pork Soft Tacos – Mexican Style — 9 Comments

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    Tried it only once. It was very salty. If we try it again, we will considerably reduce the salt.

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      Hi John,

      Sorry to hear that and hope it won’t deter you from trying it again. I try to let as many people as I can know that my recipes are just guidelines. I encourage everyone to tweak them to their own liking.

      Take care and hope to see you back,

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    I agree this is a really good recipe for Mexican Pork tacos and you included a Guac and Pico De Gallo. Really good job, i love cooking and Mexican is one of My specialtys. You made it really easy to do. So delicious. Love It and Thanks

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      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comment, I’m glad that you found this easy to make. I try to put a little extra effort into writing these recipes to make them easier to follow.

      Like you I also love to cook Mexican food… it’s one of my favorite days in the kitchen!

      Thanks again and Happy Cooking!

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    My mom always makes these soft tacos for dinner and they are great and all but not like the ones from Mexico at the stands where they cook them right in front of you oh my gosh they are so so good! Just talking about them is making me really want some tacos! Tacos are my number one mexican food to eat on my list!

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      Hi Steph,

      I’ve had some of the tacos I think you’re talking about, Where they have a big chunk of meat that hangs on a hook over a little fire and then shave the meat right off into a warm corn tortilla and then add the condiments. Those are awesome! What I’m doing with this recipe is adapting it so it can be made in a home kitchen.
      Thank you for the comment and… yes… the next time I get a chance to go down to Mexico I’ll definitely be getting some of those!


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    i tried this recipe and loved it. we made our own guac but used salsa from a little mexican market near my house. the pork was AWESOME!!! i cannot say that enough. thanks for the delicious recipe!

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