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These vegetable egg rolls are just like the ones you’d get in a good Asian restaurant. Crispy, delicious and loaded with all of the Asian flavors you’d expect in good quality vegetable egg rolls. Easy to make and a great appetizer or side dish.

Vegetable Egg RollsIngredients: Vegetable Egg Rolls

1 12oz. bag shredded cabbage (or about 1/4 head shredded thin)

2 carrots (shredded)

1/4 onion (sliced very thin)

1 stick celery (sliced very thin on the bias or diagonal)

1/4 green pepper (sliced very thin)

1/4 red pepper (sliced very thin)

2 teas. olive oil (for frying)

3-4 cups vegetable oil (or whatever oil you like to fry with)

Teriyaki sauce (to taste)

soy sauce (to taste)

sesame oil (to taste)

garlic powder, pepper (to taste)

15-20 won ton wraps

1 egg (for egg wash)

Method: Vegetable Egg Rolls

Prepped VegetablesVegetables CookingVegetable Egg Rolls FillingStart by slicing all of the vegetables. You want them to be very thin and all about the same size and shape for even cooking.

Heat a large skillet to medium high heat. Add the olive oil and place your Teriyaki and soy sauces next to where your skillet is for easy access.

Add all of your sliced veggies “except the cabbage” to your skillet and stir constantly. Add the desired amount of garlic powder and pepper right when you add the veggies. Then drizzle in the Teriyaki and soy sauce to taste. You may want a little more when you add the cabbage.

After the veggies have softened (about 7-10 minutes) add the cabbage, a little more Teriyaki and soy if needed and a little bit of sesame oil.

Cook the cabbage for only 2-4 minutes (until soft) and turn off the heat. The cabbage will continue to cook for a few more minutes so if you leave it on the heat too long your cabbage will wilt and become too mushy.

You want to make sure all of the veggies still have consistency and even a tiny bit crunchy. They will soften a little more when fried in the won ton wraps.

Transfer the mixture to a large bowl to cool completely. It’s even wise to refrigerate after it cools. This is very important. If you try to wrap the veggies in the won ton wraps while the mixture is still warm it will melt your wrappers giving you a soggy mess, so be sure to let it cool down completely.

To wrap:

Beat the egg in a small bowl and place it next to where you’ll be assembling your egg rolls.

After the mixture has completely cooled spoon 2-3 tablespoons horizontally across the middle of a won ton wrap. Your wrap should be placed with one point up and one down, to give it a diamond shape on your surface.

Either with a pastry brush or you finger spread a thin line of the egg wash at the top edges of the wrap (the top triangle). This acts like “glue” to seal your egg roll.

Vegetable Egg Rolls AssemblyLift the bottom point up and over the mixture followed by bringing in the left and right points in and then roll it up. The egg wash will seal it shut.

Vegetable Egg Rolls Multi AssemblyFor quick and easy assembly place 5 or 6 won ton wraps out, add the mixture to each follow with the egg wash and then wrap them up. Continue until finished This way you’ll be able to make a lot of them very quickly.

Note: Won ton wraps dry out quickly so it might be wise to cover them with a damp towel until you’re ready to use them.

Transfer them to a foil lined cookie sheet (or just a piece of foil layed out) to get ready for frying.


Heat the oil in a skillet to about 350 degrees.

Carefully add 4 to 5 egg rolls to the oil to fry.

Vegetable Egg Rolls FryingVegetable Egg Rolls On RackFry for about 2-3 minutes a side or until golden brown.

Transfer your finished egg rolls to a wire rack to drain. Serve immediately.

Note: Don’t over cook them, they will continue to brown even more while resting on the rack.

Vegetable Egg Rolls With Chicken Stir Fry

These vegetable egg rolls are crispy, full of flavor and is a great way to eat your vegetables. Serve them with your favorite Asian style dipping sauce. I think you’ll be happy with the results you get. Enjoy and Happy Cooking!

For the chicken stir fry recipe you see in the picture above you can find it here: Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry


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Vegetable Egg Rolls, A Great Asian Appetizer — 4 Comments

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    HI can these be cooked in the oven with a spray of oil?
    I really don’t like to fry anything, my stomach cant take the oils.

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      Hi Deanna,

      Absolutely 🙂 You can spray or brush the egg rolls with oil and place them on a “rack – on – a – cookie – sheet” and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, flipping them about half way though. It may take more or less time depending on your oven (they’re all different). You’re looking for a golden brown color 🙂

      Note: The reason for the rack is to prevent them from sticking.

      Hope that helps and Happy Cooking!

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      Hi Karen,

      You can but it comes with a warning. I’m assuming you’re talking about spring roll wrappers, the “see through kind”.

      If you were to just roll up the filling in that type of wrapper and then try to fry them you’ll have an aweful mess. The wraps will basically melt like plastic.

      However, you can briefly dip the wraps in warm water. Just long enough to be pliable, then add your filling and roll them up (no need for the egg wash).

      Note: They will not brown up like traditional egg rolls, they’ll just get a little darker.

      Trick: To get them to be a little more golden brown you can add a little bit of sugar to the warm water before you dip the wraps, this will help with browning.

      Watch them carefully while frying. I recommend keeping a “spider” on hand, that’s like a wire mesh spoon. Or a slotted spoon. This is just in case any of them break open on you. Do not over cook, when they look done, they are done.

      I hope this helps but as I said this type of wrapper comes with a warning 🙂

      Good luck and Happy Cooking!


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